Helping ELL Students With Articulation

So I’ve been studying for the Praxis for Teachers of Other Languages (Yikes it’s going to be tough!!!) I’ve discovered two more resources for studying that will also be helpful for teachers who need resources knowing more about places and manners of articulation, as well as the International Phonetic Alphabet, check out Mobi Lieberman at The Ling Space (videos on YouTube and @

There is also an interactive IPA chart at .


English Phonemes and Pronunciation

English is one of the most complex languages in the world to learn, mostly because the 44 phonemes can be represented by more than 1,000 different letter (or grapheme) combinations! This video explains the 44 English phonemes and how they can be represented using the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, which is useful for linguists, speech pathologists and ELL teachers in analyzing speech patterns.