bi·lin·gual    /bīˈliNGɡwəl/


  • (of a person) speaking two languages fluently.

    This definition is from Google. If you type the word “bilingual” into the search engine, you will be hit with more than 86 million results! According to Francois Grosjean in his book Bilingual: Life and Reality, being bilingual is when a person “uses two or more languages (or dialects) in their everyday life” (Grosjean, 2010, p.4), not necessarily speaking two languages fluently, like most people envision. Being bilingual doesn’t mean being rare and having a mystical superpower, but being able to interact and communicate with more people and in more ways than if you were simply monolingual.
    Check out these two websites to learn more about being bilingual:

The Advantages of Being Bilingual

Bilingual is Better






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