Quality Instructional Materials for ELLs

Teaching seems like a never-ending battle of planning, creating, scrounging, begging/borrowing/stealing resources, collaborating, sharing, assessing, data collecting, reflecting and a million other tasks just to be prepared for the actual, you know, teaching that we do. It is inspiring, yet exhausting all at the same time. All students benefit from being exposed to a variety of instructional materials, but ELL students desperately need realia, props, concrete materials, photographs, etc. to help them understand new ideas and acquire new vocabulary. Teachers spends hundreds to thousands of their own dollars and hours annually to support their students. Browsing on websites like Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest and Donorschoose.org shows just how great the need for quality resources is. This article Where are Quality Instructional Materials for English Language Learners? shows how many teachers struggle to support their ELL students with quality materials.


One thought on “Quality Instructional Materials for ELLs

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